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PTG Learning Center Games, History, Piano Facts, Music Teacher Resourses and More!
Dianna Gliidden Green Real Estate
Your connection toward the dream of a Sustainable Lifestyle. This will take you to their links page. A very extensive collection of piano and music related links.  Definitely worth checking out!
Piano  A stunning book, full-color showcase showing how the piano has evolved over the past 300 years, transforming the world of music like no other instrument before or since.

Determine the value of a piano at seems like a very good site with lots of free info and no adds.
A comprehensive website about online music lessons. We work with music teachers to help rate the web's top online music courses. We also include some free online piano lesson videos and helpful advice.
PianoStreet  On line sheet music library
A matrix based on the harmonic table with each cell representing a fixed note. Take a look!

Victor Borge Corner

Micheal McDonnald & Billy Preston:
Ray Charles:
Fabland The Johnny Fabulous Website

Fenton at the Piano!!

Note by Note. A great film, available in DVD from this link.

How It's Made. You Tube Video on the making of a Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano.
Gadgetbox Andy Zenczak's recording Studio
in Santa Cruz, CA.
Hear the Call Music Otis Coen's Recording Studio in Seacliff, CA.
Rohrer's Select Cars   Awesome!! Worth a trip up north.

The Puppet Seller   Local artisan, great product!!
World's Biggest Piano? Over 19 feet!!
World Biggest Piano? 12 feet 2 inches The Rubenstein 371. This piano is probably the largest piano in the world with a scale matching it's size. There is only one at present. I had the pleasure of seeing this piano and talking with the builder in Feb 2006 at the Piano Technicians Guild Conference in Burbank, CA.

Art Case Fazzioli. Unbelievable You might have to scroll to bottom of page once it opens.
Rollup Keyboard Very cool, want one for Christmas!!
Juggle to Music! AMAZING!! Turn up your sound first. Thanks to Wild Bill for this one.