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Grant Murphy writes:

"Fenton, I can't tell you how pleased I am with the renovation you performed
on our 1928 Kimball baby grand. This piano has been in the family for over
50 years and really never had any work done to it and was rarely played.
Needless to say, it was in disrepair and had lost the true sound it was
capable of producing. I was reluctant at first to rebuild and shopped new
piano's of every make and model. The sound quality of the new piano's did
not fit my taste and we decided to proceed with having the piano completely

The final product was well beyond what I had imagined the outcome to be. The
finish work inside and out was flawless and the sound quality is exactly
what I was looking for.
There are few craftsman today with your dedication to perfection and the
knowledge to do it right. I have to assume this is a labor of love or the
outcome could not be so magnificent.
Thank you from my family and the future generations of our family."

Dane Peterson of Peterson Publishing writes:

    "I want to thank you for your many years of service to our family and the community. Being in the music business for many years and having the good fortune to serve some of the world's most celebrated entertainers, many of which were Grammy Award winners, I can honestly state that master musical instrument craftsmen are becoming a rare breed.
     The great promoters as well as the great piano players can not gamble with an entire concert performance coming off poorly because the piano is out of tune or some detail about the piano was overlooked. In the industry, there is no room for chance. Only the best piano tuners are brought in those few hours before curtain call to fine tune the grand. Because of your sterling reputation, you have long been on the call list with the other selected few.
    Fenton, with confidence I would call on you to provide the professionalism needed for any such concert. Please let this letter serve as my personal endorsement to others that may inquire about hiring your services.
    You also have a wonderful reputation for offering high quality, beautiful sounding pianos that you have personally gone through with love and care. After we relocate, I will surely call on you for my next piano purchase. I know you will find something very special for my family and me.
I highly recommend your superior craftsmanship, and your eye and ear for quality. But above all, I most appreciate that fact that I can trust the honesty of your hand shake.
   Your kindness, honesty and concern for others makes you one of the last of a breed of gentleman whose word is all that is needed.
   Thank you so much for all you have done for so many and for so many years"

Mary Farris of Farris Ranch in Watsonville writes:

    "Your renovation of my 1934 Baldwin Grand is excellent.
    The entire piano is like new with a beautiful exterior finish. Also, the keyboard action was sluggish and is now as easy and brilliant as originally. the sound is again rich and the ivories are perfect. I no longer have a problem using the loud pedal.
    Needless to say , my family is happy with the result of your work".

Michael Tierra writes:

    "Regarding the concert at Mount Madonna Center. You did a great job on that piano.  Thanks again.
    I love what you did with my Steinway. The sound is so much more singing, imaginative and inspiring.
    Whatever you did with the voicing was perfect. Thanks a lot."

Rich Kelso writes:

    "Thanks a million for voicing my Yamaha Grand. I just can not believe the difference. Before it was a little shrill to be enjoyable to me. Now it sounds mellow and just right for the room.
    Martan Mann came over and played it at a party I gave.  He was impressed with the difference in sound.
    Once again, thanks. I have been recommending you to others already."

Cheryl Dougan writes:

    "I have been teaching piano for over thirty years and wanted to tell you how delighted I am with what you have done for my Kawai grand piano!
    I have had it for two years, and have been disappointed with the over-bright sound it has, especially since I have all hard wood floors! When I mentioned this to you and you said you could soften the tone I admit I was a bit skeptical. However, I am now a believer! I could hardly tear myself away from the piano to tell you how much I appreciate what you skillful hands have accomplished.
    Thank you so much for your expertise. I can't recommend you highly enough!"

Margaret Jensen writes:

     "It's hard to believe, but you have tuned my old Baldwin into a brand new piano. It's wonderful! Since I'm self taught it is a source of great enjoyment to get the chord to respond as I wish. From Schubert to Chopin and 'Snowbird' to 'The Rose'- I thank you very much."

Betty Wychoff of All Saint's Church of Watsonville writes:

    "Thank you for doing such a fine tuning job on our church piano. Lyn Bronson called me this morning and was delighted with the piano"