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"Pierce Piano Atlas" By Bob Pierce
The eleventh edition has been authoritatively expanded, enlarged and updated to include over 12,000 names providing ready reference to serial numbers, dates of manufacture, factory locations, a brief history of some manufacturers and other pertinent information.

"Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding for the Professional, the Student, and the Hobbyist" by Arthur Reblitz -- one of the "required reading" texts for every technician (and should be for every piano owner, as well)
"The Piano Book: Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano" by Larry Fine -- the standard publication for evaluating pianos and their worth.
Larry Fine updates his book every year or two to stay current with the industry.
"Piano Tuning: A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs" by J. Cree Fisher -- originally published in 1907, this is one of the classics of the trade! Also available as a public domain download....
"Piano Lessons: Music, Love, and True Adventures" by Noah Adams -- starting piano lessons at age 52... if you listen to NPR, you already know what an able storyteller he is.
"The Piano: An Inspirational Guide to the Piano and Its Place in History" by John-Paul Williams -- "An indispensable reference for every piano lover!" (hardcover only)
"Giraffes, Black Dragons, and Other Pianos: A Technological History from Cristofori to the Modern Concert Grand" by Edwin M. Good -- "the history of the piano from its invention in 1700 to the present in terms of its technology"
"Men, Women and Pianos: A Social History" by Arthur Loesser -- not to be undertaken lightly, but a fascinating read....
"Piano Roles: A New History of the Piano" by James Parakilas -- a lavishly illustrated social history of the piano directed at informed lay readers
"The Seventh Dragon: The Riddle of Equal Temperament" by Anita T. Sullivan -- A veteran piano tuner presents a non-technical, literary view of the quixotic tuning system used on keyboard instruments for hundreds of years.
"Pianoforte: A Social History of the Piano" by Dieter Hildebrandt -- the piano in 19th-century European culture (hardcover only)
This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin
"Endlessly stimulating, a marvelous overview, and one which only a deeply musical neuroscientist could give. Daniel Levitin has a huge knowledge of music developed since the 1950s (and of blues, jazz, and etc. before this), and not merely a formal but a deep personal knowledge as an expert performer no less than as a listener. I liked the discussion of 'safe' and 'dangerous' music, and I very much liked the final chapter on the evolutionary origins of music. An important book." Oliver Sacks, M.D.

The Piano Tuner  by Daniel Mason
An extraordinary first novel that tells the story of a British piano tuner sent deep into Burma in the nineteenth century.

The Jazz Piano Book by Mark Levine
Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin To Bleed a Bit by Charles Bukowski  hmmmmm

Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut
Vonnegut's first novel spins the chilling tale of engineer Paul Proteus, who must find a way to live in a world dominated by a super computer and run completely by machines. Paul's rebellion is vintage Vonnegut wildly funny, deadly serious, and terrifyingly close to reality.

Henry the Steinway Tours the World (Henry the Steinway) by Sally Coveleskie
Ana's father, the famous concert pianist, is taking her and Henry the Steinway on an exciting world tour. Ana and Henry make many new friends around the world, and have great fun playing music and sending postcards from every port to friends at home.

Henry the Steinway by Salley Coveleskie Henry, our favorite piano and his best friend Ana are back--starring in their second book. Henry The Steinway: A Star Is Born. In this new adventure Ana her friends, Alec, Lilly and Buzzy, see where Henry was born when they visit the factory and learn how pianos are made. Manager Mike takes the children on a tour to all the departments that make the special piano parts and put them all together to make beautiful music! Then Henry tells Ana his life story as a concert grand piano, from his young days when he was stored in the Steinway Concert Basement to his great triumphs on center stage as the Carnegie Hall house piano!

The Steinway Collection: Paintings of Great Composers by James Huneker This is the first public printing of this volume, a reprint from 1919 originally published by Steinway and Sons, which celebrates composers including Chopin, Wagner, Liszt, Mozart, MacDowell, Beethoven, Berlioz, Verdi, Mendelssohn, Handel, Rubinstein, and Schubert through color paintings and prose portraits. The paintings, which are on display at Steinway Hall in New York, were done by American artists in 1918 and 1919. Huneker (1857-1921), who provides descriptions of the paintings, was a writer and music critic for the New York Times and other publications. There is no index or bibliography. The book measures 9.5x12.75".

88 Keys: The Making of a Steinway Piano by Miles Chapin
From the selection and preparation of the raw materials to the fine-tuning and finishing of the final product, 88 Keys follows the creation of a piano in the Steinway and Sons factory in Long Island City, New York